I believe the only way a writer can achieve greatness is by always looking at their work with a critical eye—for nothing is ever perfect. Sometimes that means an outsider’s perspective is needed, that trained eye who knows how to study a writer’s work and knows to show where and explain how they can mend some of the cracks. By accepting that knowledge and learning how to strengthen the foundations of your writing, you and your writing become stronger.

Trained in writing, editing and the business of publishing, with an Honours Bachelor Degree of Creative Writing & Publishing and being the Editor-in-Chief of Savant-Garde Literary Magazine, my mission is to help all those with writing ventures achieve success.

Whether it be a business with the goal to expand the reach of their brand and achieve more sales through content writing or the perfect ad-copy, or an aspiring author wanting to achieve the best version of their vision and ultimately get their writing published in the traditional sense, I use my knowledge of story (plot, characters, setting, description, dialogue, conflict) to help others achieve writing success—for when others succeed, I succeed.

Being well acquainted with publishing best practices, as well as all the stages of the manuscript development process, I know how hard it is to get your work noticed and past the gatekeepers of the publishing industry. As such, I use the knowledge I’ve obtained over the years in areas such as developmental editing, substantive editing, copy-editing, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, children’s writing, screenplay writing, professional writing, business of publishing, acquisitions, and copyrights and contracts and more, to help give writers their best chance. I am also well aware of the many ploys in which various businesses claim to be legit publishers to prey on new and aspiring authors with the promise that they will publish their book.

It is my goal to guide those wanting to get published down the right path—the path that will educate and train, develop and maintain strong writing and stories so that new and aspiring authors may find a spot in the literary sphere among legit publishing houses and imprint banners.

With my proven ability to interpret and work with an author’s intention, I help authors and screenwriters articulate their vision more clearly, making their writing become the best it can be.

I offer a number of services that reflect the different stages of the publishing process. From evaluating manuscripts, developing manuscripts, copyediting manuscripts, formatting manuscripts and screenplays, to helping authors get their manuscripts acquisitioned by literary agents through working on and developing strong query letters, I provide writers with the tools they need to succeed.

My critiques and feedback are always truthful, fair, and constructive. I promise that by working with me you will see your writing and stories improve—I will be a champion of your writing and your stories, and I will guide you down the right path so that your vision may one day come to fruition.

Work with me, and together we’ll make your writing venture happen.

Savant-Garde Issue 5
Copy & Content Writing
$25 per Hour

Writing copy and article/blog content for businesses to help expand their brand’s reach and increase sales.

Manuscript Evaluation

A detailed report that identifies the strengths of the project and opportunities for improvement. The report articulates areas where the project can be improved including, style, structure, concept, character development, and gives practical suggestions for resolving the issues. Suggestions given on what kind of detailed edit (development, substantive, copy-edit) the manuscript might need moving forward.

Having an initial evaluation of your project’s first draft can save you editing time and costs.

Developmental & Substantive Editing
$12 per Page

May include the discussion of work and restructuring of plot, including rearranging paragraphs and chapters, scenes, sections; rewriting or expanding areas to enhance logic, clarity, and/or flow; and editing to ensure the most appropriate style for the particular work and its genre.

Line & Copy-edit
$5 per Page

Line-by-line editing to ensure consistency of usage and syntax, and to correct or enhance the mechanics of language including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A style-sheet will also be completed for each work to ensure consistency.

$2 per Page

Following design and layout, it is advisable to have your final pre-print copy proofread to ensure correctness of the book or project being published. This may also include checking edited manuscripts and other projects to ensure correctness in the pre-layout stage and format before the manuscript is submitted to a literary agent of publisher.

Query Letter Writing

After a consult and if the author is in the process of querying, I will do the research and find the best appropriate literary agent/publishing housethat might take on the author’s work. After which, I will help in the process of drafting the query letter.

Screenplay Evaluations & Formatting
$10 per Page

Reading, editing, and evaluating the quality and format of short and long screenplays including feature films, short films, and TV pilots, to help screenwriters get their screenplays picked up by film producers or win screenwriting competitions.

Work With Me, and Together We'll Make your Writing Adventure Happen


"Jacquelyn Ferguson is a highly creative and motivated person who would be an invaluable contributor to any project. I recruited and supervised Jacquelyn as a Research Assistant for a collaboration with the Toronto Fringe Festival that improved their Theatre Entrepreneur’s Networking and Training (TENT) program.

Jacquelyn is a skilled researcher and writer. She helped us research and design a curriculum package for TENT. As there are few sources on theatre entrepreneurship, Jacquelyn independently found knowledge from a variety of disciplines on marketing, pitching, leadership, business planning, etc., and adapted that knowledge into a package that could be easily applied by veteran theatre producers who deliver training sessions at TENT. Jacquelyn also transformed the curriculum into a series of blog posts that introduce the basics of artrepeneurship to students and recent graduates. They not only effectively communicate the key ideas but are also written in a fun, playful manner that engages the audience."

Jacquelyn is a highly creative and flexible thinker who embraces new challenges. We applied creative problem solving to make a variety of innovations for the Toronto Fringe Festival. On Friday mornings a team of research assistants, professors, and Fringe staff congregated to clarify opportunities and generate hundreds of ideas. Jacquelyn applied diverse perspectives to generate novel ideas, and especially excelled at refining ideas into implementable solutions through critical thinking and imaginative speculation. The project also required flexibility and a high tolerance of ambiguity as we oscillated from ideation to prototyping to implementation; different weeks Jacquelyn would serve as a “trained brain,” writer, editor, and researcher, and easily collaborated with the interdisciplinary team of marketers, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers, and arts administrators. Jacquelyn embraced these challenges as great opportunities for learning and growth which is one of the main reasons she always produces excellent work."

Brandon McFarlane, Professor of Creative Humanities, Sheridan College

"I’ve been working with Jacquelyn for the last three years and my experiences with her, along with the state of my book, have been transformative. As a new and self-taught writer, I had so much to learn about world building and the art of writing itself. Jacquelyn was very patient with my learning curve and was available for consultation when I needed it. There were even moments when I thought Jacquelyn knew my world better than myself, that’s how committed she is to her projects. Jacquelyn’s strongest trait as an editor is that she isn’t afraid to push boundaries to encourage writers to rethink and expand on their writing and even critical plot points. With Jacquelyn’s critical eye and extensive knowledge of literature, she guided me into a final product that I am beyond confident in. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her and am looking forward to our future projects together."

I.C. Nicastro, Trials of Salahan

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquelyn in college, ever since she has been a fast friend and an exemplary editor. She has graciously edited project after project for me, the biggest of which being the second draft of a full-length manuscript. Her insightful, exacting editorial skills are matched only by her professionalism. My manuscript wouldn't be what it is today without Jacquelyn. I couldn't recommend her more."

Jacob Langdon, Metal Man with the Smoking Gun

For any queries or consultations about services offered, please email me with your request.

If you're looking for editing services please include the first three pages of your manuscript, including a description of the intention of your piece.

I look forward to working with you.

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